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The peanut (or to be precise, Arachis hypogea), also known as groundnut, has been our number one commodity from the very beginning. From the 40.000 tons that we import, the peanut is by far the biggest commodity. We can provide both edible, organic and feed market with this commodity.

Eating peanuts regularly may have a positive impact on our risk of heart disease and diabetes, as well as increase our intake of fiber and vitamin E. Peanuts provide more than 25% of the total protein and healthy fats in a typical diet.


At Aldebaran, we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest peanuts from all around the world. With a rich history dating back centuries, peanuts have captivated people across continents with their distinct flavor and versatility. Our commitment to quality means that we carefully select peanuts from regions renowned for their exceptional cultivation practices. From the sun-drenched fields of the southern United States to the fertile lands of Argentina and the vibrant plantations of China, each peanut we import carries a story of its origin.

We source our peanuts from Argentina, USA, Brazil, China, South-Africa, India, Nicaragua, various African origin and many more.

Variaties & Counts

Peanuts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors, providing a delightful array of options for our customers. Whether you are looking for kernels or inshells, we have it all. Our extensive selection includes Runner, Spanish, Virginia, Red skin, Java, and many more. We understand that each customer has unique preferences, which is why we offer different counts. From the big size 38/42 peanuts, perfect for coating and roasting, to the smaller size 70/80 peanuts, which are ideal for making peanut butter or for extrusion. Additionally, we provide splits, which are peanuts that have been carefully split into halves, offering a unique texture and presentation option. For those seeking a smooth and uniform appearance, we also offer blanched peanuts, which have had their skins removed, resulting in a clean and white appearance. We have the right size for every purpose


We recognize that peanuts serve a diverse range of purposes. That is why we cater to various markets to meet the needs of our customers. In the edible market, our peanuts are a popular choice for snacking, baking, and cooking. Their rich flavor and nutritional value make them a staple in households around the world. For health-conscious consumers, we also offer a selection of organic peanuts, which are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, ensuring a natural and wholesome snack option.

Additionally, we extend our product range to pet food manufacturers, understanding the importance of providing nutritious options for our furry friends. Our peanuts are carefully processed and packed to meet the specific requirements of the pet food industry. With their high protein content and delicious taste, our peanuts make an excellent addition to pet treats and food formulations.


We understand the importance of proper packaging to ensure the freshness and quality of our peanuts. That is why we offer a diverse range of packaging options to suit your specific requirements. From big bags to cartons, and from bags to consumer sized packaging, all are suitable for both retail and wholesale distribution. To preserve the freshness and extend the shelf life of our peanuts, we also provide vacuum-sealed packaging options.


In addition to offering peanuts in their natural state, we also provide a variety of processed options to enhance their flavor and versatility. Our roasted peanuts undergo a carefully controlled roasting process, resulting in a rich, nutty aroma and a satisfying crunch. Roasted peanuts are a popular choice for snacking and can also be used in a wide range of culinary applications. For those seeking a unique twist, we offer coated peanuts, which are covered in delicious coatings such as chocolate, honey, or savory spices, adding an extra layer of indulgence to this beloved snack. Furthermore, we provide spliced peanuts, which have been cut into thin slices, perfect for incorporating into salads, stir-fries, or as a topping for desserts.

At Aldebaran, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers by offering a variety of counts, packaging options, and processed peanuts. Whether you’re looking for different sizes, convenient packaging solutions, or enhanced flavors, we have the right peanut products for you.


We are passionate about peanuts and dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to our customers. With our extensive range of origins, variations, and counts, as well as our commitment to serving different markets, we are your trusted and qualified partner for all your peanut and nut needs.


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