Your businesspartner in nuts and seeds

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Your businesspartner in nuts and seeds

our products

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Aldebaran Commodities B.V. is able to supply you with all known all desired quantities for peanuts, cashews, sunflowers, pumpkins and sesame, from kernels to inshells. We source our products directly from origins where we have established and developed solid and trustworthy relationships throughout the years. Therefore both Aldebaran and her suppliers are working together to meet client’s requirements in all aspects of the business, which gives us an advantage in the market and gives us the possibility to ensure consistency in both quality and supply. We can cater to the edible (food) market and (bird) feed market and last but not least, our organic status provides us access to the supply and demand of organic commodities.

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40+ years of experience


Import, warehousing and distribution


BRC, Skal and GMP+ certified


Fast, personal and solution-oriented


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