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The sesame (or to be precise, Sesamum indicum), is our 5th – and therefore smallest – commodity as far as volume. We can provide both edible, organic and feed market with this commodity.

Sesame seeds are gluten-free and full of minerals, antioxidants and good acids. They are also a good source of copper, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin B and fiber. All of this can create a positive effect on one’s cholesterol and blood pressure.


Our biggest volume is being imported directly from Africa. India is also very popular. South America on the other hand is also growing market share in Europe.

Variaties & Counts

We can provide this commodity as a seed but also as an in-shell. All kinds of varieties such as natural, hulled or roasted and different colors such as black or white.


Even though it might look like a simple commodity, the purposes for usage are much broader. For example as an edible ingredient or decoration for bread or in delicious salades, for oil or in spices. In smaller percentages, sesame seeds can also be used in bird food mixtures for example finches.


This commodity is usually packed in 50lbs cartons or 25kg bags and comes with neutral labels. Like with any commodity, we can arrange customized labels for each order, loaded on pallets or loose loaded. For those that process larger volumes, we even have the possibility to pack them in big bags.


Our sesame are being thoroughly processed in order to get purity from 99,70% up to 99,99%.


Since sesame does not have many varieties on its own (compared to our other commodities), the quality requirements are quite standard. Nevertheless, the base is to be as per European regulations so each batch is according to these standards (pesticide, salmonella, ethylene oxide, etc.). If any additional requirements are needed, we are always open to discuss this.


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