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The pumpkin (or to be precise, Cucurbita pepo semen) is our 4th biggest commodity as far as volume. We can provide both edible, organic and feed market with this commodity.  

The pumpkin seed has a significant protein content. Almost 30% is from very high content of minerals (magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, calcium) and vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant.


We do import our pumpkin from all around the world but the biggest volume is being imported directly from China. Other sources/origins are Eastern Europe, Austria … but also from our own country The Netherlands.

Variaties & Counts

We can provide this commodity as a seed but also as an in-shell. All kinds of shapes, sizes and flavors. From the seed variety GWS to Shine Skin. From the in-shell variety Snow White to Lady Nail. From the count A to AA and even up to AAA.


The pumpkin can be used for different applications. For example to use in edible nut mixes, as an ingredient or decoration for bread or in delicious salades. However, our animal friends can appreciate this commodity as well, especially the in-shells.  Since 1970, the pumpkin has become popular for its oil, becoming a staple oil product in various kitchens. With it’s multiple medicinal properties, that can be extracted from the seeds, it is widely used in phytotherapy.

Last but not least, the organic market demands a fair share of pumpkins as well. Especially the Shine skin is popular to the be grown in fruitful areas under great conditions.


This commodity can come in bags (paper and/or vacuum) or big bags, with or without pallets. We even provide the chance to create customized labels for each order. These are for bulk orders, but for the specific retail orders we even have the possibility to create customized packaging, all because of our close relationship with packaging companies.


Our pumpkin are being processed under careful conditions, having in mind that Europe is the final destination. You can think of re-cleaning with different methods such as gravity, seeving, x-ray and sortex. Some products can even be shipped as heat treated. For those that need an extra touch, can even choose for roasted pumpkin. In any case, we try to cater to the customer’s need as much as possible.


All our suppliers and partners are aware about the strict quality restrictions from Europe. Not only are they EU-quality certified, but we make sure that our partners are as well. From time to time, we do several checks and make sure that all products meet our requirement (pesticide, aflatoxin, cadmium, etc.), from the origin up and till the arrival to our warehouse.


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